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Updated thoughts on Crafted energy gear

Jan 11, 2012
As many of you know, I have been a big advocate on giving us more energy, especially since the advent of fishing. My original post can be found at https://www.wizard101.com/forum/the-dorms/energy-gear-crafting-8ad6a41945d5bff90145dccc006022d6?reset=1 , however, I decided to revisit this. I feel we should have access to more energy than what is currently in the game. Some items should be opened up for everybody and others should be created new, so, here we go.

How recipes are obtained: Purchasable from Koyate Ghostmane after handing in the Zafaria crafting quest
Sellable: NO
Size of Recipe: 8 ingredients; 5 are normal drops, 2 are rare drops, 1 is Boss dropped.
Number of Reagents needed for knife/amulet/ring: (Normal) 100 (Rare) 50
Number of Reagents needed for Wand/Deck: (Normal) 200 (Rare) 100 (Amber) 25**

Items and bonuses:
Wand: +8 Energy, +10% energy related experience
Knife: +5 Energy (one more energy than the ticket vendor item)
Amulet: +5 Energy (one more energy than the ticket vendor item)
Ring: +5 Energy (one more energy than the ticket vendor item)
Deck: +8 Energy, +10% energy related experience

31 additional energy (over 5 items)
2 new item types (wand and deck)
3 item types already in the game, expanded to be used by everybody (eliminates the elitism of PvP in this regard)
3 ways extra experience can be gained (pet training, fishing, gardening)

I think these numbers are more than fair, and don’t even begin to make a serious dent in KI’s bottom line with crown purchases. Sure, you can last a bit longer and gain extra experience, but not much (with the exception of catching a fish for the first time)

**My original post talked about no crazy reagents. The reason why I chose Amber was because you can get them:

1) Boss Drop
2) Transmute
3) Crowns
4) Plant harvest
5) PvP ticket rewards

This still gives KI crown profit, while allowing us the chance of getting them without crowns and also still caters to the PvP players as well. Also, I know on my original thread we talked about more spells and stuff, this thread is just for GEAR.