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Update bubble spells with environments

Nov 18, 2010
So you know we have the damage bubbles, and Death has Doom & Gloom and Life has sanctuary? Well it would be cool if the aesthetic of these were replaced with environment domes such as those you get with spells such as Glow Bugs, Hungry Caterpillar and Climaclysm so you are fighting in a more immersive environment.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
I see where you're going with this idea and I actually do like it.

Before the barrier spells were updated, the graphics and animation on them looked and felt more immerse. I say the term updated loosely because I think that the spells now look worse than how they looked and appeared before.

Hence, it would be nice to see either the original spells be reverted to how they looked originally, or some form of implementation of your idea be done.

Besides, it can still be a little difficult to tell between barrier spells that add damage as opposed to ones adding to critical and pierce stats such Darkwind as and Astraphobia .

Mar 03, 2012

I like this idea a lot. A lot of the older spells are really outdated looking with rough lines and edges. In general along with the Wizard City graphic updates the spells, spell casting animations, the duel circle, teleportation effects, GUI, and maybe character customization in the creator should be updated as well.