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Unique Spiral Doors' Looks

Community Leader
I would love to see different looks for spiral doors. It's kinda boring seeing the same old doors. I mean it would be cool for instance we use the Wizard City door which has its own look then we are transported to another world like Pigswick with a vine type of door. I would love to be able to look back and go "WHOA, the spiral door looks different. Or have cool spiral doors for houses. Does it always have to be a door standing by itself? What if we stepped out of a door that was flanked by stone, electricity currents or sticks? Even the door itself is just wood and the window a Wizard City design, change those too. I'd love to see more unique designs. Be creative. Use metal, sticks, bricks, etc etc.

Thank you!

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Community Leader
I think Spiral door exchangeable skins would be great. They could be plain colors, wood, or even like you stated with electric sparks.

May 06, 2009
You know, I had the same idea.

Wizard City-Dragonspyre had unique Spiral Door designs that corresponded with their world. After that, the doors of Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysalis all kept using that same plane door design seen in houses. I'd really appreciate it if KI went back to those higher level worlds and changed the doors to have a more [insert world-theme]-esq design. So Celestia could get a Celestian-themed door; Zafaria, a wooden Zafarian-theme door, etc.

Houses could have their own Spiral Door designs. I guess that would be okay. I'm pretty indifferent on that note.

Aug 20, 2011
Sure, but don't stop with reskinning the doors. Get creative with it!

In one of my houses, I used rugs to make my Spiral door appear inside a Shark Hut. It basically looks like you walk right out of a shark's mouth. You could Spiral-ize a tree, a cauldron, a gravestone, a Celestian/Marleybonian piece of machinery/computer. The possibilities for customization are endless.

Jan 11, 2012
what i want to have as my spiral door, is the room Gamma is in, with the spiral above it

Aug 15, 2012
It would be nice for your house but I think that the similarity of the spiral door in the worlds symbolizes that they are all part of one thing (the spiral). It would be nice if you could choose whether certain features like this appear.
Sarai Thunderstrider