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Two Beastmoon Spell Ideas!

Feb 19, 2021
I love thinking of spell ideas. Feel free to share your ideas too if you have some.
These are 2 ones that I have been thinking about since a very long time and they are my favourites.

1) Full Moon 0 pips
Target polymorphs into a random form for 1 round.
Description: You choose any player in a fight and they transform into 1 random form that they already have unlocked. This could allow for diversity.
How to get: it could be a RARE Treasure Card you find from the Beastmoon chests.
It would be rare to prevent it from being overused and make it feel special.

2) Karma 2 pips
Afterlife: Target reflects last damage used to the caster.
Description: The idea is to prevent first turn big hits to wipe out a small form.
By casting this spell on what you think will be the first target, you protect them from a giant one shot in the first turn of a 2v2 fight for example. The killing hit will be reflected back to it's caster, so that means if it was a 200 or higher, it would be a lot. And if it's 25 then it would be almost nothing for 2 pips.
This could be a great spell for forms such as the Death Draconian which are unable to do much to defend themselves or their friends in the first turn.

I also made card art for these. I'm aware these effects could be difficult to program and perhaps potentially imbalanced. However, it's been a long time since I've thought of these ideas and they keep coming back to me.
These types of ideas could make Beastmoon feel less repetitive.
I love the event and I do find it fun as it is now!
Thank you for reading.