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Triple Arc

Mar 19, 2009
What if instead of having just one arc after Khrysalis, we have 3?
To find out which one you'd get you'd fight a boss. It would be a hard boss, but nothing you couldn't handle.
Instead of having to defeat the boss for the quest, you just had to fight the boss.
If you won the duel, you'd go to Empyrea or some other world, it doesn't have to be Empyrea, and the arc would be easier, because people have faith and confidence in you.
If you lost the duel but put up a fight, like you killed a minion and did a signifigant amount of damage, you'd go to Yago or some other world, it doesn't have to be Yago, and the arc would be moderately hard, because some people have faith in you but some people have betrayed you out of fear that you may lose to the major villain.
If you lost without putting up much of a fight, you'd go to the last world, maybe Nodor or Kent, or something, the arc would be significantly harder, because everyone knows how you lost so quickly to the boss, and now they have faith that a major enemy would promise a better life.

If you chose one arc, and you want to reach another arc's worlds, maybe you could do a quest after completing a world that would get you full access and a spiral key to the equivalently leveled worlds.
Each arc would give you different spells, maybe, but it can work with different spells per arc and same spells per arc, no big issue story-wise.

The only problem I see with this is Kingsisle putting out three worlds at once, but maybe Kingsisle can divide into three sections of content making? Or maybe do it like Grizzleheim and Khrysalis, releasing in multiple parts?

This sort of twist would be nice, where different people would end the story differently.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully Kingsisle will consider my idea, I tried to leave it as open as possible.

<-I couldn't help this

Oct 06, 2010
Ooooh, you know what, why dont we mix it up a bit. How about you head to wherever to save yada-yada for whatever reason. Then it turns out you have been HELPING destroy that world or something. In the end some intense thing happens and you end up nearly being kicked out of Ravenwood. However you dont, cause your a wizard, but wouldnt this be fun to have something different instead of just doing stuff leading up to the final massive boss?

-Just and idea, BrandonBearBreath 92