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Triage in PvP

Sep 30, 2018
Triage is very problematic in pvp and stalls out any kind of tempo one gains by using dot. Dot spells unlike full front damage spells comes with its own unique mechanic of bypassing shields doing most of its damage on the 3 round tick. The biggest issue at hand is triage only cost 1 pip and literally cleanses off all remaining damage of the tick, this is thoroughly problematic.

A 1 pip spell should not be able to nullify an 8,9 or 10 pip spell! If this is the case, dot spells need protection. Enchantment attach whether its solar surge or pierce enchants should have an added effect that protects the first round of dot from being remove. This would prevent the opponent from just simply wishing damage away just because they can. Its almost as if someone just dispelled you entirely after putting in at least 2 blades into a damage spell without having the need to use shrike. This needs to be looked into. I propose changing it to reduce damage instead by 30% maximum but the dot remains.

Sep 08, 2010
As a fire, I indeed have to agreed.

DoT spells are easily countered either triage, cooldown or just shield. Its bad enough that we have to delayed the damages into 3 rounds and allowing opponents to shielded to lower the damage or heal off all the damage much less completely remove them.

We are moving toward a new age of PvP and as crazy as it sound, its time for the game to truly balanced out. We have balance players who use nothing but mana burn and nova, we got ice with 11000+ hp, address these as well.

Most players can't spiked out enough damage to kill without playing passive, then we got mana burn. Ice players literally don't have to shield, just stacked blades and traps and kill, they got plenty of hp to tanked for them.

Just remember that not everyone have perfect pet, not eveyone have the lore spells you have and not everyone have the gear you have. The higher tier of PVP should indeed be competitive, but please don't make the entry prices so high up there.

I remember during first age all fight was fair and balanced. Now I try to do level 10 PvP and there is someone with 40+ universal resist and 110 damage waiting to fight you.

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I wish that Cooldown had better utility. I understand that it removes a tick from all allies, but given the major emphasis in 1v1 PVP and "solo" players it just doesn't compare to Triage. I think that DOT Protection would be an interesting mechanic, I just think that Cooldown should also be buffed in comparison to Triage as well (maybe zero pip since it's only a tick compared to the 3 rounds that triage removes?)