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Tree Spells?

Jun 28, 2010
This is a bad idea but...
I had this crazy idea for level 58 spells. The tree for your school comes! Each tree dose what that school focuses on!

Life: Blossom appears in the duel circle, her pink leaves glow neon pink, and heals everyone on your team, and gives 'em HoT! (AoE)
Myth: Summons Ivan for a minion :D
Death: Mortos comes and starts getting close to the enemies at fast speeds, chomping. When they make contact, a blue life force goes into mortos' mouth, and he spits it back at you. (AoE)
Fire: Burmy appears, and leans toward the enemies, burning them with DoT. (AoE)
Ice: Kelven Freezes the enemies for one turn, and givs all allies Tower Shield. (AoE) (Maybe can do without the stun tho <:D)
Storm: Torrence makes his storm cloud fly over the enemies, zapping them at incredibly high damage.

Sep 21, 2009
I really like the idea of using Trees for the spell.
However, Bartleby kind of ruins it, since he's in for Life already.

Sep 17, 2009