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Treasure Cards in PVP

May 31, 2009
This is an idea I had regarding Treasure Card us in pvp matches. I kinda mentioned this on the PVP board, but thought some folks here might have an opinion.

Firstly, the issue of using treasure cards in a pvp match is a hotly debated subject that pits those that think anything is fair game in a pvp match against those that think Treasure Cards are cheating. The feelings are very strong on both sides and it's a subject that has turned many a match into an ugly squabble.

On one side, I can share the frustrations with those who think there is something wrong with a Life wizards, for example, throwing a Wild Bolt Treasure Card after Wild Bolt Treasure Card after Wild Bolt Treasure Card. It makes strategy almost impossible and gives lower level wizards access to spells that are intended for higher levels, giving said wizards a chance at winning against much higher level wizards.

On the other hand, why penalize those that work hard to earn / acquire treasure cards? After all, everyone has the same opportunity to get them, so why NOT use them? It certainly isn't cheating and it adds an element of surprise into the game. Furthermore, relying on treasure cards outside your primary school isn't very smart given the pip penalty, so is there really any advantage at all?

My suggestion is a somewhat middle ground.

I think that Treasure Cards add something to the game and I think they should be free to use as much as any wizard once. However, I think there should be a disincentive to use them. To do this, make it so that every treasure card you use affects the points and tickets you get for winning. Use one 4 pip Wild Bolt Treasure Card - instead of 10 tickets and 20 points (for example), you get 9 and 16. Use two cards and 8 pips of Treasure Cards, you get 8 tickets and 12 points. Or something like that.

The permutations on this idea are endless - You get ONE free Treasure Card use before any "penalty" is levied since one card a game is hardly "abusing" them. Or else there's no ticket "penalty", just points deducted. Or else there is no Points deducted, just tickets. Or half as many pts to the number of pips. Or only count out of school cards. And so on, and so on.

What I like about this is that it allows people to use their Treasure cards, but the only people that would truly be "penalized" are those who go overboard. It would also provide an incentive to play Treasure Card free, giving the advantage to the stronger wizard / pvp player.

I suspect it would be difficult to implement, but I think it's a good compromise between the two ends of the Treasure Card debate and it would make pvp a little more enjoyable.