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Trade in Items for Crowns

Dec 07, 2017
I'd like to see the communities opinion on this. How would it be to be able to trade in rare boss drops for small amount of crowns such as 5-10. Granted, if this would be an actual idea, I'd prefer token drops rather than item drops due to the ability to lower token drop rates and still have consistantly gear drop rates(not have them change to compensate.) I'd say the amount of crowns offered would vary roughly on the percentage the item can drop. Ex Malistare gear would be roughly 8 crowns per item. While the Amulet of Divine Influence could be 15-20 crowns.

The principle behind this is to mainly increase late game farming with some benefits. Who wants to farm darkmoor for some drop you already have. How about make it worth some crowns instead. The amount of crowns given has to stay low tbh, but it just makes a nice incentive to help other players farm darkmoor or other dungeons if they get some crowns back. Up to KI on how the crowns work since I'm not aware of how their marketing stuff works. Just wanted to put this out there and see the response.

May 23, 2013
Mar 16, 2012
Since there already many ways to get FREE crowns, I don't see this as necessary and it cuts into KI revenue from players buying crowns.