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Tips 2 Throw Cool Parties

Feb 16, 2009
Here are tips to throw cool parties in your wizard101 house. Well first get a house. Then decorate your house, put some unique furniture and make it neat and organized.
Here is the list on what you might wanna have
Tick Tack Toe Board
Tick Tack Toe Pieces
Party Banner
Small Item * Skull or envelope can do *
Fun and Unique items * Ds Ruins, pinata, *
A Cage or the Prison Cage from Mb
Valuable and Powerful Treasure Cards

Now that you have the list this is ideas on fun activites to do in your house

Tick Tack Toe
With the tick tack toe pieces and board to a champion ship. First pick up the tick tack toe pieces, you can host 6 rounds or more. Pick 2 people to play first for lets say, and hydra. Tell the person to walk on the place they want to put there piece, then move away so you can put it there. Repeat until someone wins. Its very fun and rewards are great.

Find The Skull
I like doing find the skull. You can do find the envelope too. First tell everyone to go outside or inside, the oppisite side of where your going to hide the skull. Lets say I am doing to hide it inside so i tell everyone to go outside. I find i tricky place to put it, dont move an item too much because they are going to notice. I pushed my book shelf forward, in a crevice people dont pay attention too much. It was in the same place and didnt look so different. I hid the skull behind the bookshelf and tell everyone to come inside and find the skull for lets say, a Frost Giant. So you simply wait till someone finds the skull and reward.

Hide And Seek
This doesnt need much explaining........

Contests are great fun, aslong as you have good sports playing. You can play pet, outfit or something creative like joke or story contest.

Cage Party
Everyone loves to go in the cage when you have one, simply tell everyone who wanna be in the cage stand in one spot, and put the cage over them. They simply love that.

Here is 1 tip to get people fast
Go to Commons. Make a new wizard or go onto your lower lvl wizard. Since this wizard most likely has the least friends or even none at all add as much people as you can in commons. Make sure this wizard has met a friend at the party. Port to your friend in the party and tell everyone to come. Then go back to your other wizard and let the party begin :)

Those are my party tips... Anybody got any other creative ideas?

Feb 16, 2009