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The World Of Rockcelious

Nov 23, 2008
This world has a special rock mountain in it. This mountain has special farmers with Horses, and they need your help to beat a boss (name here). The horses are required mounts. They can be bought for gold and crowns in the farmer's market in the Towns Place. The shops are all made of hay bales, and the horses roam freely around the commons area. Then there are 4 to 5 separate areas. The first is called Gateway Home where Nightmares are the Enemies. They do 800 to 900 damage per battle, unless it's a battle with a death. Then they can do at least 900 to 1000. Then on The Range, they have life nightmares with flowers instead of a ghostly shadow. They can do 900 to 950 damage. The bosses on these two streets are Zomanga, a farmer who was jealous of all the others' large farm houses. He was planning to take his nightmare minions (death) to destroy the farmhouses and corrupt the horses. The other boss is Nakikiri, who is originally from Krok, and he was a farmer there until his mother moved here. He accidentally killed her while experimenting. So, he corrupted her horse Nari, and then he took over that street (The Range). Then his reason for evil is also to corrupt horses to build his own evil army. On the next street, there's a boss at the end (No Duh). For The Then on Horseshoe Drive, they have horses freed from the dead, and they do 500 to 1000 damage per fight. Then, they have a boss there named Kikira, Who is a horse that can talk. She plans to also make an army of horses rose from the dead. The last street is the most important to all the farmers. It takes a special spot as their old farm plots. They have been taken over by evil hares from Mooshu, driven out by the Emperor. The last spot is on top of the mountain, where you meet your final boss. Final Boss, there's a boss named Okarima, who stole the antidote to make the corrupted horses normal. She plans to take that and fix her home land Kikoria, which we'll get into later. When you beat her, the antidote is empty because she gave it to the horse she took here, to make him normal. Then you gain the Golden Horse mount, and it comes with a medal around it's neck. Hope you like it!

Jun 11, 2010
How expensive would the horses be? If they are too expensive, then this world wouldn't work out.

Nov 23, 2008