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The Wizards Legend

Dec 09, 2008
There was a wizard who was great and talened. He had one thing diffent than the rest of the wizards. The Chora. The Chora is a spell that only one has. If he or she has it he/she can be a hero. Well or a villan. Moving on his name is Shane JadeBlade. At the age of 5 he wanted to be taught magic and other spells. So he joined Ravenwood He thought to be a storm or a myth or a ice wizard he was confused. So he had no formal type of spells on his first day he met some friends Jan HawkDream and Max FireElf. But he met the bully Jacob LegendStone. HE made he mad by taunting him and such. He became in The Chora from he was on the ground he cant move marks on his body started to grow longer and longer and his eyes turned BRIGHT! Blue
He had a bolt of ice in one hand and a bolt of fire in one by now the bully was gone and runing but he turned normal

Now post to resume this story the rules are:

This is PG 13

No changing what i said

Only can end it

No Killing the bad guy than make it boring this is a lively story

add some more that I approve or the site

Have Fun :D