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The Wizard101 World Saga (Wizard101 Movies)

Oct 11, 2009
Jul 13, 2010
willwolf64 wrote:
Avtually now, I'm writing them into stories...

Jun 30, 2009
willwolf64 wrote:
OK, so I think KingsIsle should make a Wizard101 movie (animated). It would be about 4 wizards (a Fire, a Death, a Storm, and a Life) that were summond by Merle Ambrose, and were told that they were the chosen ones to save the Spiral. It would be called: The Wizard101 Worlds Saga, and there would be 5 movies. Each movie is about a each world and they would go in order.

The names:

The Wizard101 World Saga: Wizard City (movie 1)

The Wizard101 World Saga: Krokatopia (movie 2)

The Wizard101 World Saga: Marleybone (movie 3)

The Wizard101 World Saga: MooShu (movie 4)

The Wizard101 World Saga: Dragonspyre (movie 5)

The Characters:

William DarkFlame

Gender: Boy

School: Fire

Main Mood: Heroic

Atributes: Highest Attacks

Mount: Red Dragon

Mount Name: Cody

Description: William is the one that mainly wants to explore and beat the bad guys. He loves the world of Marleybone because it advances in modern technology and his favorite animals are dogs and cats.

Tyler NightHammer

Gender: Boy

School: Death

Main Mood: Serious

Atributes: Strongest Spells

Mount: Black Stallion

Mount Name: Shadow

Desription: Tyler is always serious and telling the others that they should focus when they are slacking off. He is espically annoyed by Stephen. His favorite world to visit is Dragonspyre because a lot of the creatures are undead.

Taylor LifeBringer

Gender: Girl

School: Life

Main Mood: Happy and sunshine-ey

Atributes: Healing Spells

Mount: Seraph Wings (she is rewarded the Pixie healing card AND the Seraph Wings when they save the Sprites in Unicorn Way)

Description:Taylor is the one that never has a bad mood. She loves the sunshine and the flowers. Her favorite world is MooShu because it has plants and there is respect given to her by the cows and the Samoorai.

Stephen RainCaster

Gender: Boy

School: Storm

Main Mood: Party-ish and crazy

Atributes: Most Powerful Spells

Mount: Bengal Tiger

Mount Name: Sparky

Description: Stephen is funny most of the time. He likes to make jokes and fart noises (which is why Tyler is annoyed by him). Stephen enjoys yelling and screaming like crazy and he always wants to have a party. His favorite world is Krokatopia because he became great friends with the manders.

REMEMBER: All 4 Wizards are the main characters

Sounds great, but I think most of us are wanting KI to work on the big projects, like celestia, before all this stuff. Still cool though!