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The Wizard101 Dictionary and Thesaurus: Improving

Dec 12, 2008
Ok lets clarify a few things before we go any further. This is an ingame Dictionary and Thesaurus search feature consisting of words allowed in text chat. The purpose of this is to further improve communication between players and make the game more enjoyable. In a sense it would add an educational quality to Wizard101, but in the very least it would truly be a push in the right direction grammatically and spelling wise for the players.

This idea came to me when i was in town and noticed quite a few young wizards making a large number of grammatical errors. Luckily for me I could use open chat and read what they were trying to say. Yet sadly for those who only had text chat, the wizards words most likely appeared to the others as a series of dots.

This feature would be located in your game menu just like your bag, map, options, etc. It would have its own tab and in it a text box for searches. Also located on the page a button leading to an alternate page with a list of commonly misspelled words.

While I could go on and on about this idea, I need to get some sleep. But please do provide some input on this matter if you feel so inclined to and a "Dev Response" would be much appreciated.