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The Time Traveler's Gauntlet

Dec 30, 2012
The gauntlet is similar to the Five BOXES dungeons going on right now, and is a fan-made idea by me.

What the bundle would cost: $39

Pet: Exterminator - The pet looks very similar to a miniature Dalek from Dr. Who, and will even say "Exterminate!" from time to time.

Mount: Jessie - Jessie is a Marleybone like automobile painted yellow. It is what the Doctor sometimes uses to get around in the show. People have been asking for Marleybone automobiles in the game as mounts, and this highly resembles one.

Wand: Sonic Screwdriver - This wand, of course, resembles the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. Upon casting, the Screwdriver opens up and releases a blast of light.

Gear: The Time Traveler's Top Hat - Closely resembles the Professor's top hat in the game.
The Time Traveler's Bowtie - A button down coat with a checkered shirt tucked inside, and a bowtie near the neck.
The Time Traveler's Shoes - Regular looking converse.

The Gauntlet: The Time Traveler's Gauntlet - Not going into the storyline (Kingsisle can decide on that one) but it looks like a regular box from the BOXES event. When stepping inside, it obviously is much larger and the Professor greets you, asking you on yet another adventure.

I know this Gauntlet would be an absolute smash hit, and I would love to walk around looking like the Doctor!

Sep 23, 2014
Nov 27, 2013
Aug 10, 2009
This would be a HUGE hit! I know that I would need to buy 3 of the cards for the 'armor' Hubs and two of my kids are really big into Dr Who.. Would be amazing! Too bad it couldn't be done before Christmas.. I would have 3 gifts in the bag!

Sep 19, 2013
Sounds fun, but you may need to rename some items, especially the sonic screwdriver, to avoid the copyright demons summon Lawyers of Darkness upon you.
TL;DR: Your idea sounds cool but infringes copyrights.

Apr 20, 2011
This is a fantastic idea
How about a robot dog similar to K9 for a pet? and how about being able to look like a "Doctor" from any era by clothing drops such as frilled shirt and cape (third Dr?) I always thought the Pirate 101 Armada were scarey and like the Cybermen or the Clockworks so how about facing a different version of them?.Like any bundle it would be great if the clothing and wand were stronger according to which level of wizard used them.
If we don't get a gauntlet I really hope KI use some of your ideas in the next B.O.X.E.S. event btw can someone tell me what boxes stands for?

Mar 11, 2011
i really want this bundle the exterminator pet would be my favorite pet in wizard101 and even if its not a bundle they could make some of the stuff craftable and drops

Feb 16, 2013
Amazing Idea! I think the Sonic Screwdriver's name needs change too (Robobot1747), maybe something like Super Screwdriver? Space Screwdriver? Something like that, and I think the gear should give spells like potboiler and clockwork spider and marleybone themed spells for lower levels (40 and under) (potboiler is TC from the 5 B.O.X.E.S event there is and) and the level 50 and up ones should get those efreets! (There is and efreets)

So in conclusion, this is what Item Cards the Gear Should Give!

Level 40 and under- Potboiler spells (rank 4) ClockWork Spider (Rank 4) MarleyBone Themed spells (Spells like Cat thug (Myth spell rank 5) and Cat Thug (Rank 2 Balance) The name of the Myth one should be changed to Cat Bruiser. And more MB spells like this (ShakesOLeary and stuff)

Level 50 and up- Efreet Spells (rank 8) and stuff like that!

Exterminator Pet- Potboiler?

Jan 27, 2010
I say allons-y to this idea....as long as no pears are involved.

Dec 30, 2012
I tried my best to avoid copyright (Changing the name Bessie to Jessie) and forgot to change the Screwdriver to Super Screwdriver.