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The tale of Matthew firestone. Pt 1

Aug 23, 2009
It was a stormy night when i was introduced to wizardry. I always studied magical creatures before i became a pyromancer. I never would have thought that i would be accepted to Ravenwood Academy of magical arts. but when i heard headmaster Ambrose using his crystal ball to talk to me i thought i was dreaming. but then i pinched myself and i realized it wasnt a dream. when he sent the portal to Wizard city i stepped in nervously and then i found myself in a new world with magic and monsters. i went to find headmaster Ambrose and once i found him he gave me some wizard robes and gave me a tour of the commons and Ravenwood. he assigned me as a pyromancer so i went to find my teacher Dalia Falmea and get my first spells. Once i found her,Ms Falmea seemed a little unnerved so i asked her what was wrong. I misplaced my spellbook. she said. I told her i would help find it and she thanked my for my assistance. i looked around Ravenwood and the Commons for her spellbook. I asked her where she was today. She told me she went to the spell deck shop to see if her shipment of novice fire spell deck came in. so i went to the shopping district to find the spell deck shop but since I was in there i got myself a wand and amulet. After that i went to the spell deck shop to find Ms Falmeas spellbook and saw it was closed. I asked someone why it was closed and he said it was closed because it was stolen by the lost souls. After saying Ms Falmea lost her spellbook in there he gave me some spells and told me,Hurry and find my teachers spellbook. I went to headmaster Ambrose to tell him the situation he gave me permission to unicorn way. I hurried down the street to find the lost souls and take the spell back when all of a sudden i slipped on some ectoplasm and then a group of lost souls picked me up and carried me to lady blackhope. when i was set down i saw lady blackhope had the spellbook and spelldecks. Lady blackhope then attacked me and sent a ice ball at me. I quickly dodged it and used my amulets card which was lightning bats. I quickly defeated lady blackhope and took the stolen items and found a baby fire cat. I accepted him as my pet and called him baby Leo. I then went back to Ms Falmea and gave her the stolen spell book and she taught me fire cat. And thus Matthew Firestones adventure began.

Feb 16, 2009
Matt? Why are you posting here? You know, under Wizard Society, there's a Creative Writing thing, and you can e-mail your story there.

Oct 17, 2008
Yeah. Um, you should send it in. Unless, perhaps you don't have an e-mail..? Or maybe you just wanted to hear comments? You should add quotation marks (") around things that people say aloud.

Mar 28, 2009
Great beginning for your story! :) You should send it in to creative writing. Oh and like Sierra (Windlilly) said, put quotation marks to make the story sound better. I hope to read the rest soon if it will be on creative writing! :)

Feb 16, 2009
I would like to see more adjectives and being more descriptive, its creative but i cant picture it much. What does your robes look like? What did unicorn way look like? How did it feel?