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The Sun School

Apr 29, 2012
In the Sun school, the spells are either standalone concepts, or part of a continuing chain. Here's essentially what we have right now:

Damage increase (Strong-Epic).
Accuracy/Pierce increase (Keen Eyes-Extraordinary).
Heal increase (Primordial & Radical).

Shatter protection (Aegis & Indemnity).
Buff increase (Sharpen Blade & Potent Trap).


Now the longest chain is damage increase, and I think that should keep going, increasing by 25 or 50 every 10 levels or so. Extraordinary didn't receive a new Arcanum iteration, but with the current best robe in game for Storm giving 25% accuracy, I see why one wasn't added. It wouldn't be necessary except for specific spells like Supernova. Then the heal buffs could also continue, increasing much like the damage, although probably going up in 50s regardless due to the catching up Radical has to do to reach Epic.

Then there's the specials, firstly the removal/shatter protection. Honestly, I think while a similar thing could be added to DoTs or something similar, or simply to withstand 2 removals, these two are fine as they are. Then we encounter the issue of spells that aren't learnable yet, most notoriously Bolstered Ward. Sharpen and Potent are great, but positive wards and negative charms have yet to be addressed by Qyburn. I'd very much appreciate a learnt Bolstered and respective negative charm enchantment with the next world. Then mutations, I'd like more, probably not form Qyburn, another hidden trainer like Korsten would work great. But the specifics would run me out of space.

Now then, we touched on these with Bolstered Ward, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. What do you think of when you hear 'Sun TC'? It was Elucidate right? Maybe Simplify, but there's a very fine difference anyway. They were added in Celestia, and Simplify can still be won from some Wooden and Silver chests (I think), but they were both removed due to large amounts of complaining from PvP. You know what I think of that? We should lose the level 75 minions too then, and any other no PvP card. OR, maybe, just, make Simplify and Elucidate no PvP too? Maybe just add Simplify at this point in the game, Elucidate seems a bit strong. We don't want people being able to throw down a 7+1 pip spell down on the first turn when they come around.

Then we have the issues of the Solar triad spells, namely Solar Blade, Solar Trap, and Solar Shield. I see no harm in adding them, so long as their Lunar equivalents are also added, and Star could possibly have something addressing Balance or Shadow or Universal, but I'm not personally very bothered about these spells.

Now I'd leave all my suggestions for other expansions on existing spells, but I don't have anywhere near enough space left here, but what enchantments/mutations would you like to see in-game? More damage? Stronger Sharpen? Mutate Lightning Elf? Feel free to let me know.

Mar 31, 2009
I'm still on the Trainable Bolstered Ward Band Wagon. I've wanted that since before it was introduced... (okay since it was introduced). I agree that more mutates could be fun! Maybe some utility-type mutates also? For example maybe Balance could have a mutate blade spell that turns a balance blade into a +25% school specific blade on caster? Or Myth's Shift could make it so that hanging DOT and HOT's switch places, but you'd mutate a regular shift into this new version? Or you know the Moon Shift Spells? Maybe a sun spell that changes it to your school (so you can use power pips?) I also think that Simply and Elucidate should be included back into the game, even if they are no PVP. (PVP breaks everything and everyone complains that PVP is broken anyway.) Just my thoughts for now....