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The Stylemasters: It's Time to Style

Jun 08, 2009
If you're reading this while still playing Wizard101, go to the WC Commons area, and tell me what everyone is wearing. Let's see, there are:

1) the people in their warlord equipment, always in their corner of the city pond
2) others wearing those spellbinder hood combinations (what's with people and hoods?)
3) a few Exalted wearing archangel's equipment (well, I guess it does have wings...)
4) stragglers with the most mismatched stuff ever (let's see, red horned hat goes with green plate armor, and....let me add some really tiny shoes!)

Wizards of the Spiral, I beseech you: WHERE IS OUR STYLE?
Where are the beautiful combinations of brown and green, black and yellow, blue and red, dark purple and dark blue, along with the perfectly hued weapons of magic?

I'll tell you: they were stolen by the Style-masters!
If Dragonspyre has a Loremaster that drops rank 5 spells, surely they have "style"-masters that drop the rarest and best of the apparel?

Gregor Dawnglow and Alexa Flamesong were about to be married in Dragonspyre when the Dragon Titan destroyed their world. For years, they existed as the silent, pale denizens of the Athenuem, lost without their memories, until the defeat of Malistaire released a wave of magic that woke them up and they remembered: they had a wedding to go back to - but what's a wedding without a wedding ring? Unable to find one, they break into one of the shopkeepers' basements and search frantically for it. The shopkeeper calls the Wizards over to a dungeon sigil in front of his basement to roust these ghosts out of his shop.

Wizards enter to find the dead couple frantically looking for the ring. They ask you to help them find their ring, and at your refusal, they attack.

Once you have defeated them , they start to fade away (the fight depleted them of the energy they needed to sustain existence on this plane), but not before they declare their undying (or undead) love for each other, despite never actually being married.

Rate It:
1 - *Blink, Blink* Why?
2 - Ooooh-kayyyy, now what?
3 - Not bad, do you do parties?
4 - *Sniffle* The tragedies of young love!
5 - *Sobbing* This is SO SAD!

Moving on....

Unlike the Loremaster, there are just two bosses, fiance and fiancee, without any poxes. Mr. Dawnglow is an boss with 6000and a mastery of while soon-to-be Mrs. Dawnglow is a boss with 5200 and a mastery of .

Every time a Wizard attacks, Mr. and Mrs. (must I type soon-to-be?) Dawnglow say "Our love is stronger than your spells!"; Mr. Dawnglow will Earthquake and Mrs. Dawnglow will cast a Wild Bolt on each Wizard.

  • All normal "blank" (stat-less) equipment vended by Eloise
  • All crowns only "blank" equipment in the crowns shop
  • All hairstyles in the crowns shop
  • "Blank" copies of various weapons (normal and crowns only items)
  • Stitching tokens (1 token=1 stitch)
  • Special "blank" equipment - the likes of what have never been seen before (wait, are those jeans....?)

So, what do you think?