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The mount olympus wands...

Sep 06, 2011
So i make a storm wizard,and i get on my balance to see if i have any gear to pass down.I see that i got Ares windstorm spear(or whatever the level 30 storm wand from aquila is called) and 10-some sky iron hastas,and compared the two,the hasta is strictly better,even for storm(breaking weaknesses without using blades).This wouldn't bug me,if it weren't for the fact that you are guaranteed a sky iron hasta when you beat Ares.

The way it should work is that when you beat ares,you should get a wand of your school that gives a +10% damage boost for your school and a pip at the start of a battle,and a chance at a sky iron hasta that gives +5% universal damage and a pip at the start of a battle

the school wand can be upgraded to give +5% school accuracy and a power pip at the start of a battle(retaining the +10% school damage),and the sky iron hasta should be upgraded to give +5% universal accuracy(again,retaining the +5% universal damage) and a power pip at the start of a battle.Thoughts?