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The Library could have a dungeon.

May 11, 2010
Maybe they planned to do something with the library but forgot about it.

Andrew Dragontamer - Level 13 wizard

Mar 13, 2012
I have an idea what it could be about!

Harold: Hello young wizard, I knew you would come. Have you heard those mumbling whispers in the Library?
Well, so did I! I suspect something about them, and I cleared out some of the books with Boris and found a Mysterious Doorway on the Second Floor! I think you should go and investigate with some fellow wizards. You might just find out the secret to those mysterious whispers!

Inside the Dungeon, Called the Mysterious Hidden Doorway, There are a few creatures and bosses;

Lost Soul of Secrets
Type; Moon
Rank: 9 Boss
Cheats; Pretty much Luska Cheats, but instead of Inked, it's misted.
Location; Floor 2

Book Goruger
Type; Myth
Uh, It looks kinda like Yacthe or whatever.
Rank: 8 elite
Minion/Creature. Have to fight 2 of them on floor 1, and 1 on floor 3

That's all I'm Gonna type for now, bye!

With out the flame, there would be no life, for it is the flame, that helped us survive

~Alura Battleheart, lvl 89 Pyromancer