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The Ice Queen

Dec 10, 2011
I was reading some posts about ideas of ways that Grizzleheim could continue, and even made another post about an idea I had! Reading another person's post, I got a new idea! Grizzleheim has a large reach, and they are trade partners with Blueland, a world on the other side of the spiral. Eric the Green (a very seasick viking) founded it, and many bears moved there. However there is a problem that could destroy the entire spiral! Level 85 wizards who have completed Grizzlehiem (sorry, no idea how to spell it) and Wintertusk will be summoned by Merle to go to this new world. Blueland is threatened by the Coven, who ran there at the end of wintertusk. But there are other forces at work. A long forgotten evil is awakening, a force that could freeze the entire spiral! After the Titan war, the spiral was ruled by an empire of ice, led by the Snow Queen. She keeps the souls of evil people in her lair, at the deepest pits of what is now Blueland. The Coven plan on waking her, so that she will bring the Everfrost to them. But they don't know what they are messing with. If she is freed, she will use the souls of the undead to attack Guard, a massive world directly above Blueland where the Guardians live. You have to help the guardians save Blueland, while attempting to stop both the coven and the ice queen. In the end, your wizard marches rainbow bridge to save the guardians from the ice queen. However, once you reach the top, you find out that you are too late. Sitting on Odin's chair, the ice queen has sent her evil minions all throughout history and the spiral. On top of that, she has sent one member of the Coven to each Spiral world. All of the Guardians have been turned to ice, except the youngest, a small baby who managed to crawl away and went into the spiral portal room. There are 4 portals: Wizard City (Present), Marleybone (Past), Grizzlehiem (Past), Wizard City (Future). On top of that, your wizard is fading because the ice queen has stopped you from ever being summoned by Merle Ambrose. You have to do them in the order that I listed, and in each world you fight a member of the coven. After you find the baby in Wizard City future, you return to Guard. The Ice Queen is waiting, and she is not happy. You have to fight her, and after you finish, your wizard finishes blue land! Thanks!

Dec 14, 2013
Dec 06, 2011
This sounds neat, but really it is just like a harder version of Wintertusk.

Dylan IceSword Lvl. 83