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The Final Battle...

Jul 21, 2013
The Final Battle...
[You] walk up to confront Grandfather Spider in the Realm of Darkness, Merle Ambrose closely following. Shadow creatures lurk about, howling and moaning. [You enter the Realm of Darkness. You can feel your heart beat faster, and suddenly everything gets dark.]

Grandfather Spider: "Ahh... wizard... it's you at last. Come to confront us have you now? Ha.. ha.. ha. After we've battled through the spiral, what makes you think you can beat me now?"
Merle Ambrose: "This is enough! Grandfather Spider, this is your end. This is the final fight, and you know it. There was always one destined to defeat you."
Grandfather Spider: "Yesss... I know, but I know it's not that wizard... he is far to weak.
Merle Ambrose: "Enough talking! Lets get this over with!"

*Merle Ambrose accompanies you in this fight. He heals you for 10,000 health every 4 turns, tower shields you every 2 turns, and attacks the bosses for 50,000 health every turn. You must solo this fight.

Grandfather Spider (Level 150 BOSS) - 1,000,000 Health, 50% resist, Cheats: Uses shadow blade every round.
The Rat (Level 150 BOSS) - 500,000 Health, 50% resist, Cheats: Uses shadow blade every round.
The Bat (Level 150 BOSS) - 500,000 Health, 50% resist, Cheats: Uses shadow blade every round.
The Scorpion (Level 150 BOSS) - 500,000 Health, 50% resist, Cheats: Uses shadow blade every round.

After you beat these bosses...

Grandfather Spider: "We are defeated... but... its... far from... over! Casts a spell at Merle Ambrose."
Merle Ambrose: "I'm afraid this is part of the prophecy as well... Goodbye wizard. Dies.
[You]: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You run up to Merle Ambrose, he is dead. You take his wand."
Grandfather Spider: "Ha... now how will you stop me."
[You]: "Your done for. You cast a very powerful spell at Grandfather Spider and his sons."

There is a loud explosive green blast. Grandfather Spider and his sons have merged together.

*Mortem: This is my true form!!! IM ALIVE AGAIN!!! ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!!!"

FINAL BATTLE (*Mortem is a Latin word for death.) You are left with Merle Ambrose's wand which offers +100% damage to all schools and 300 critical / critical block and +99% pierce and +200% incoming healing.

Mortem (Level 155 BOSS) - 2,500,000 Health, 99% resist, Cheats: Every turn uses shadow blade, every turn uses bad juju, every turn uses dark pact, every 2 turns does 9,999 damage to self to make you have 1 health, *must be killed in 50 rounds.

To be continued...

Mar 10, 2015
O.o I love the idea, I love it sadly I have to say it not viable mostly due to the game being a family game. Sure mirage is sort of aimed at teens - adults but little kids won't be able to solo Rasputin, scorpain, bat and old cob. Even if the minions only use rank 3 spells most kids will struggle and fail at this. Me as a hard core player I could see this to be hard even for me ( assuming that they contain the same cheats as the original bosses we fought). To force this as a single person would make it impossible even with Ambrose. Tech minions can kill you in 1 round so being healed every 4 rounds still makes no difference. Btw all shadow spawn only use shadow spells meaning your resist would not work. Lore wise ambrose does not know shadow so he would not be able to shield us from it. In my opinion by this point in game the Wizard is stronger then Ambrose as he is in the Arcanum and Ambrose is not. This means Ambrose would be useless in the fight as he has no clue of what to do just like the wizard.