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The Enchantments

Dec 12, 2008
i thikn there should be a way to enchant your items to look better and cooler, and have better stats by finding weak to very strong jewels that may help with defense, attack of health and mana. maybe even one for a card...

just making an idea... also the name of the item should be switched to identify singularity...


i have a death guy with a robe called final curtain, so here's the steps:

1. i am walking in ds (dragonspyre) with my death guy and i see something shiny sticking from a dragon skull's eye slot. i go over and collect it, which brings me to a screen.

2. the screen allows me to pick which item to enhance, which is the final curtain.

3. it goes in a place on the armor, on the final curtain probably the chest area.

4. i info bubble comes up and says:
congrats! you leveled up your old armor to:
Shadow steel. level 45, 330 health, 10% attack boost, 5% death defense boost. It would then open up kind of like the guardian set of armor.

Then there can also be exp boost jewels, healing jewels, and jewels for weapons and athames and rings...

Plz support me on this!!! ;)