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the dorms

May 01, 2009
my friend and i thought of the idea for 2 new wands fist one is for girls its a fan. the next is for boys it a baseball bat. we thought it would be cool we are leanning towards the fan by that i mean we like it better but its a good idea even if you reject them thats ok but it would be awesome to have something we made on the game.we also thought of world based on trannslvaina in the old days like horror movie where the bad guys are vampires and werewolves we couldnt think of anything to call it so if you decide to make it you can come up with the name :D

Jun 14, 2009
About the world, I came up with a name. I don't know where it came from, as it just came to mind literally after I read the article; Vampyrio. Lol just a random name for it. I also like the idea for the fan, as it could be from MooShu, but I don't see how the baseball bat can fit in with the Spiral. Good ideas, though! :D