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the Coat of invincibility

Jun 27, 2011
Make it shorter: Find a better way to get the outfit for female characters instead of being a commander in pvp battles some idk just probably have it in a pack with the other one or a certain amount of crowns instead of tickets

Sep 01, 2012
Or maybe just sell it in the crown shop. And the bizarre would be nice to have a robe that looks like that

Mar 29, 2010
i agree I have been working to get this for a long time but its just so hard to keep up rank and to even get it high enough.....sometimes I wonder if w101 actually looks at these cause so many people wright about the coat of invincibility but I never see anyone reply (not knowing if they can ) but still. I think that it should be sold as crowns or in a pack because its not fair that the boys get one that looks just like it in a pack and we have to work 10x harder to get it......it would help w101 because they would make a profit off of all the girls buying the coat of invincibility and you would have more players which make more money!!!! everyone loves money.... I really hope that w101 sees this and puts it to thought since so many people talk about it and want it. especially me! :P thank you for reading this and I hope this changes something :D

Aug 27, 2010
You know what? Ok usually i would say something like you have to earn it, it wont be as special if you dont ....but in this case i sort of agree. I am tired of Hearing people say 'You have to earn it... I did.' when guys can just buy the epic bundle or whatever and get it without trying -.- Why did the girls get the lame princess Armour? I hate it, so do most of the population of girls on this game to, xD And by the way i have seen a post like this and the creator said you have to earn it -____- The boys get the awesome gear why dont we?!? Well, If you really wanna get the gear ask me for advice. FYI pvping on a low lvl is easier

Autumn- Ice school, Level 4: Rank veteran

Apr 28, 2012
YES! PLEASE! O; It looks so good, I wanted it for so long now. I been trying to pvp on my balance person, Brian Goldenshade. Please put this in bazaar or crown shop KI!