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The charged wand.

Sep 08, 2008
I have recently logged into Wizard101, and got on one of my level 1 wizards to check out the event NPC in Wizard City. I have noticed that my level 1 wizards, who I have not played yet, were carrying Charged wands as their starter wands.

It is a very neat idea, you get all the different elemental level 1 spells. I thought it was a very neat thing to do.

Now... my Death wizard and my Myth wizard no longer have that starting wand, so I am wondering if there was a way to get back the Charged wand.

Can you pick up another one? I appreciate your help on this.

These should be available for sale in the Wizard City wand shop.
Sven Stonebreaker has wands called Wand of the Novice that grants you all those spells.

Sep 08, 2008