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The Champions Challenge.

May 30, 2009
After an extremely long time, The Legendary Wizards have come together to see a New Instance! (tower)

Wooden plank Bridges (leading from the back of bartleby, The path at the side of the myth school, the path at the side of the fire school) Leading up to a Giant stack of FLAT Wooden planks, With a Giant Tower above it!

-Level 60
-Must have completed....Celestia? I'm not truly sure about that.

After doing this, Speak To Merle Ambrose and get the Quest: Spirit of Flame. This will require to to talk to Alex. The spirit of Fire in front of The Champion's Tower. <--(name of tower) He will tell you that this Tower holds an Encrypted Key that is important to His Home world. He tells you you will fight Many Challenges filled with Cheating Bosses. (10 Floors) (4 Floors of Elite's) And at the End is a master cheating Boss.

Sorry I had to rush this. I had to go super quickly.

Apr 12, 2011
Apr 19, 2010
That's not bad, but a little too long and hard. Other then that great idea! :D~KSB

Sep 03, 2009
is what i think of this idea and maybe it could be the level 70 gauntlet(if the level cap is increased) for the new world after CL and it drops level 70 gear and you could get your level 68 spells in there along with you pet (you have to get your level 48 spells and pet and level 58 spells and pet to do the quest) hope ya like my idea!!!

~~~~~Alex Soulhaven level 60 pyromancer~~~~~
"If you play with fire your going to get burned"