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The biggest Game of Hide and Seek in the Spir

Dec 20, 2009

Ok here how it goes we have as many people who want to join just post your name and Level and School.I will chose who it.You can hide anywhere excpet Gauntlets and Dungeons!When you are caught report to the Storm School Tower the Winner will be getting Recognition as Shadow Wizard meaning they can hide from anyone [No it doesnt mean They're evil!].This Event will Start Four O Clock Friday Eastern Standard Time

May 28, 2009
That nice! But i have a question: In which realm? Cause there is too many realm! And where to have the meeting for it? In the common? In the storm tower? Tell more!

May 28, 2009
Ok, after the question, i post the information:

Name: Colin LegendGem. Myth.

Staff: Lightning rod.

Hat: Hat of endless.

Suit: Yakedo suit.

Pet: Dragon. Orange-yellow

Level: Level 46.

My chat bubble is green. (my friend tell me)

I have the Smile, Yellow eye Face.

I don't have any mounths :(

I look like a yellow suited guy.

I am a boy.

My skin color is the most normal color: The white yellow one.

Well, i guess you can find me with those informations. :-)