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The best clothes for grandmaster fire wizards

Mar 08, 2009
Does anyone know what the best clothes for a level 50 grandmaster fire wizard? I am having trouble finding them. Help please!!!

Feb 07, 2009
Ok if you have allot of gold get the
Hat that gives you regenerate
Robe that gives you ice absorb shield
boots of the titan or the one that gives you hex

Ok if you wanna farm get some of this stuff
The helephant robe you get from malistaire
The ice sword that i got from a boss from sunbrand (idk witch one)
Or Soulsinger Souldsword A death sword from Ivan soulsinger
Malistaire's ring
Malistaire's antheum

Personly I am whereing
Hat that gives you regenerate
Robe that gives you ice absorb shield (still farming for that fire robe from
boots of the titan
Soulsinger soulsword
Malistaire's ring
Malistaire's Antheum
Dragonfire deck
Snowcrusher's amulet (i think thats the name) That gives you a more powerful helephant
Helephant pet
(I went with the power pip chanse but if you want you can go with mana)

Right from a grandmaster fire
Hope this helps
Cya in the spiral
Alex Wildbreaker lvl 50 fire wizard

Dec 21, 2008
Hat - Viktor Snowcrusher

Robe - Malistare

Shoes - Spider Keeper? ( There not grand shoes, but I think its those )

Sword - Dean DarkFlame

Pet - Helephant

Ring - Gurtok Ice

Dagger - Gurtok Fire

Amulet - Viktor SnowCrusher

Deck - Andor BristleBack

Yw 8) 8) 8) 8)

Blake LionFlame Grand fire
:-P :-P :-P :-P

Mar 08, 2009