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The Adventures Of Alex Fireblade

May 22, 2009
You all know of Wizard City and it's many students, you have heard of multiple students that are now famous, whether it was taking down malistaire, or reviving a fallen comrade in Dr. Katzenstein's lab, but a new student has emerged, Alex Fireblade. This is his beginning, BEFORE he was even a student, and his adventures as a grand pyromancer, along with his friends.

"Mom, what is it?" alex said, still yawning after getting out of bed.

"your friend david just came by, he wanted you to meet him at his house. i just-"

"ok, Thanks mom!", alex said, as he dashed out the front door.

while sprinting to david's house just up the road, he noticed something strange about his neighbor's house. it sounded like someone was tearing apart the entire place.

Dalia Falmea, owner of the house and teacher at ravenwood, burst out of the house saying, " oh no, i hope i did not leave it outside."

looking up at alex, she said, "child, have you seen a book lying around? i seem to have... misplaced it."

"a book? no, i don't think i have. but i will keep an eye out for it", said alex.

"thank you, child", she said, and started to walk back to the house.

suddenly, she turned around and said to alex, "you are Mrs. Fireblade's son, aren't you?" she asked. "i believe you are old enough to enroll at ravenwood academy", she said.

"ravenwood, that school for wizards?", he asked, a bit of excitement in his voice.

"yes, that ravenwood. i am Professor Falmea, Professor of fire at the school, and i think you have the makings of a fire wizard," she said.

"a fire wizard? well, OK!" said alex, now with much excitement in his voice.

"i think you should go now and talk to Headmaster Ambrose. He is always happy to see a new wizard at the school", she said with a smile. " oh, and classes start tomorrow. don't be late!", she said.

"OK!" alex said, now Running as hard as he can to david's house.



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