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Thank you Wizard101

Sep 20, 2008
I want to say thank you for making my life just great! I love every second of wizard101 please don't close it up!I love it so much I WOULD DIE FOR THE OTHER WIZARDS TO KEEP IT! Well anyway I love wizard101 if you love it 2? Post spread the love. LOL that came out wrong!

Sep 17, 2008
I, too, Love wizard101! It is, by far, the GREATEST game ever. It is so fun and I am worried you will shut it down because I was playing another game before this one, and it closed down SO SPREAD THE GREATNESS!

Austin Life Lvl 43 Master Theurgist

Mar 11, 2009
i love wizard101 man this is the best theres ps2 ans ps3 . not . wizard101 is the tops i sold my ps2 and 3 to play this l.love the pets and now i have a house that i really want to move into it soooo great there in wizard city when im there .its like im there for real .thanks for wizard101