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Tell us your Wizard101 Joke

Dec 18, 2010
Q: how many wizards does it take to beat a boss

A:2- 1 to kill him, and another to stand there and do nothing

Devin Ravenmask level 36 myth 8)

Jul 06, 2010
What did the Myth wizard say to the Death student?
Your outfit's all black, here let me cleanse you.

Why can't you play fetch with an Orthrus?
He fights himself for the stick.

Why you never ask a cyclops where to go to eat:
You: Should we go to the Merle Cafe?
Cyclops: Or
You: ..or Falmea's Fir Pit? All you can eat buffet!
Cyclops: Or
You: ..or the Drake Jazz Lounge?
Cyclops: Or
You: ..

Why do you get Ectoplasm from Clockwork Golums?
There's a ghost in the machine.