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Teleporting to your common gone-to areas

Dec 08, 2012
I would like to have some kind of feature that would allow us to mark an certain area as an commonly gone-to area so we'll be able to teleport to that area when ever we want to (because sometimes you're in the mood in which you feel to lazy to travel to that area by foot lol). Such as, marking the bazaar as an commonly gone-to area (evening thou there's an Bazaar Tapestry, sometimes it's a pain to have to always go to your house to get to the Tapestry). I haven't thought of what the feature would look like or anything thou. Tell me your comments on this and if you got any, add in an idea or 2 to my idea to extend it even farther.

Aug 10, 2010
I like this idea, but I have 2 different ideas that are similiar.

The first is to be able to have multiple marks. Maybe it could be that Members get 5 marks while Free-To-Play gets 3. (Crowns buyers who bought crowns in past 30 days get 5 marks). There could be a little menu, where you right click the mark button and 4 other buttons show up. You can click either one of these to mark the area using a slot. Maybe you could have a lock feature so you don't lose the Bazaar mark if you're in Dragonspyre and need to go there XD. If you right click the "go to mark" button, you left click the one you wanna go to. It would say (if you mouse over it) "Go to Bazaar in Wizard City" or something. Right click one of the 5 buttons to lock the mark so you can't override it. To go along with this idea, lets say you go to the Bazaar mark. You do not have to re-mark it, but the button changes TEMPORARILY to the "Go BACK to Firecat Alley" or wherever you were. After you click that, the go to buttons return to normal.

The second idea would be to have a right-click triggered menu. If you are in Wizard City and right click the go to Commons button, a menu pops up. Every area in Wizard city is in the menu. Click an option to go there. You can not abuse this to get into member only zones.

Sorry I basically re-wrote your whole idea, it triggered a "moment"

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^That ladies and gentleman, is a Wizard City. Bye!

Nov 14, 2010
can we have 2 of these? please