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Teleport Effects Crossing Characters + Questions

May 04, 2016
I just bought the chick-a-bam teleport effect on my storm, and I was sincerely hoping that it would work across the entire account. (which is why I assumed it was $5...) I was disappointed to find out that this was not the case, and that it belongs to one specific character. I have a few questions.
  1. Primarily, I'd like to know why this is the case? It seems unnecessary to have it belong to only one wizard on the account when most people who play the game long turn have more than one, some even 7 with the addition of the new elixir.
  2. If I decided that I wanted to use the teleport effect on a different wizard and purchased it on the wrong one, what could be done in that event if it's a settings only item? The obvious answer is contact support but this problem would be easily fixed if the effect just belonged to every wizard on an account.
  3. If the intent is to keep the effect on only one wizard, will the price be lowering at all? Because 2500 crowns seems a bit excessive if it's not a serious game changing feature like the backpack expansion or the bank expansion. All other cosmetic items that are single wizard only can at least be transferred like the archangels attire.
  4. Currently most cosmetic crowns items have methods to be obtained outside of purchasing them with crowns, the guardian attire can be purchased with gold, parts of the archangels attire can be obtained in Polaris as well as the fishing tanks, etc. Will there be a system in place to obtain these teleport effects any other way than purchasing them with real currency? Perhaps some lower quality teleport effects available as rewards from specific quests, or seasonal teleport effects having a process to obtain them with event tokens or something of the sort.

Still unhappy with the fact that it's not cross character, but hopefully if some of these concerns are cleared up I might see these teleport effects differently.

Dec 14, 2009
I agree with your sentiments that they are overpriced. Sadly this is becoming a theme with the game. They need to seriously rethink their pricing models in my opinion.

Jan 19, 2018
I agree also this is quite outrageous when you update graphics and make the game look better you release the graphics for free not crowns I'm quite saddened in this change but they'll never listen about money feedback

Jan 18, 2010
The teleport effects are a little underwhelming to say the least; especially compared to recent overhaul in graphics.

It seems the original teleporting appears much more better and smoother than these newer ones.

I am also a little disheartened to see the effects not be carried over across the breath of the account the effects were purchased on.

Why is this so? Especially since it is crowns only.

I appreciate the new ideas that are being implemented slowly within the game; but this one just needs to be looked at a little.

Also, the point was made earlier about purchasing the wrong effect for the wrong wizard; keep in mind that there exists a confirmation window asking again if you want such effect for such a wizard.

But even so, perhaps implement a system where we can trade teleporting effects with the desired one we want?

Mar 31, 2009
I had this same concern with the dance emotes.

May 04, 2016
exp613 on Jun 7, 2019 wrote:
I had this same concern with the dance emotes.
The dance emotes are wizard only as well? This is saddening, definitely going to avoid buying one of those even if they release a really good one. Just because it's unnecessary to limit it to one wizard.