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Team Up: Sort by Age!

Jul 24, 2013
Hey all! I was thinking we should be able to sort all Team Up instances at the kiosk by age, so that the oldest ones are most visible for those generous souls who would like to save wizards from being stuck for a long time at certain places... *cough azteca cough*

Whaddya guys think?

Feb 12, 2015
I don't understand. What do you mean by age? Do you mean like levels or something?

May 28, 2012
I believe what NecessaryLimes is referring to is the length of time sitting on Team Up waiting for someone to assist with whatever dungeon they are attempting to complete.

I know from experience of having to wait for help…being able to travel to the Team Up Kiosk via normal porting to world door then traveling to the Kiosk and back again with no one attempting to join.

I have ended up completing those dungeons on the weekends my family members can help me and if they either have the same quest or have completed it. .

Nov 27, 2016
Sound like he wanted teamup, sorted by how long someone was waiting on the teamup queue.
For those who have been waiting so long and hoping "anyone" will help them out.
Or at least asterisk symbol meaning someone has been waiting on the teamup queue more that ten minutes.
Unfortunetly teamup does not auto cancel.if you enter a "dungeon" normally (X), like it should..

Jan 10, 2012
Sort team-up by how long people are waiting on the team-up queue. To help out wizards who can't find anyone to help them beat a tough boss. They would eventually move to the (first entry) of the team-up help list.

Feb 28, 2014
I rather see Team-up sort by wizards level range. No more of this around max level wizards with someone about 50 levels lower. what is the fun of battling in a team when you don't get a chance to hit by those who criticals every time someone hits.