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TC Vault

Dec 18, 2011
I know this has been suggested many times before but can we please get a treasure card vault like the seed and gear ones. This would be so helpful so i dont acidently sell or use my tcs i need for crafting. And yes i know i can buy decks and put tcs in them but it would be better to have them all in one place.

Sep 22, 2016
you can start a second account and make a wizard (or two) on it to store tc you want to save for crafting or whatever. also good for trading certain spells to other wizards on your main.

Mar 16, 2012
But not everybody wants two or more accounts. I think the idea of a tc vault is great! It could be a small deck you could place on a table or something and you could fill it with the same amount of tc as your regular tc deck can. Maybe make it so the deck vaults appearance is customizable so it can look like the various deck images your regular decks have.

There's some really nice decks out there that would make nice housing items!