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Tartarus Team-up

Jul 26, 2011
i don't know if this mas been posted yet, but I know all of us have encountered this issue.

When teaming up for Tartarus, it is very unlikely to actually get a like-minded group of four players The people who use the team up either want to

1) Farm Cronus and leave
2) Go beat hades for his gear

(and i know there are people who don't mind either / are willing to do both, bless you)

But many people whose goals don't align with those of their team mates often just leave, putting the group at a disadvantage.

I think it would be nice if, for Tartarus and maybe even the other Aquila dungeons, when creating a team up group, you could choose whether the group would be for Hades or for Cronus, so that people would be guaranteed to match up with people who won't just leave right away.

Or even, make some sort of indicator or symbol that we can put on the team up slot that the community could use to indicate these preferences.

Jun 24, 2013
This has always been a problem with the Aquila dungeons, and I'd love to see something like this, especially since the addition of Team Up and the Team Up kiosk outside of the bazaar. It's especially annoying when this happens when there is barely anyone trying to do these dungeons (which is pretty much any time I want to try them no matter the day or time of day).