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tartarus dungeon

Feb 08, 2009
the tartarus dungeon drop rates for the good armor (unseen lord and the lot) is WAY too low. i have done it 20+ times so far, and i have only gotten the boots for them. ive wasted so much time without even getting the ARMOR let alone the the amulet. kingsisle perhaps consider increasing the drop rates some? i mean there is no need for it to be like 2% or something. or perhaps incorperate something that gives a piece of the good ones once a player has done it 10-20 times or something.

Jun 29, 2011
i completely agree with your arguement. i have ran tartarus all this month and have struggled getting gear. and when i do get gear its the one i already have. please increase the drops it would keep the dungeon more intresting.

Marcus lotusshard lvl95

Feb 10, 2012
I do agree with you. Kingisle should higher the drop rate.

Dec 09, 2012
after 100+ runs in this dungeon i have to say the divine amulet (or any other amulet) is beyond impossible to get. the only amulet ive got so far is exalted life (just my luck since my only wiz is life) for the rest of the gear i would say the drop rate is just fine. i get some hades gear every few runs and have gotten multiple of both sets so far. However i wish they could add 2-3 mega snacks as a 100% chance for each run. that way we get at least something useful for farming this 2-3 hour dungeon

May 23, 2009
It is not impossible. The game is supposed to be a challenge not easy. On my very first time I got the Helm of the Abyss. It's just chance, they can't just give amulets out, because once you got it it will feel great.

Stephen Battlesword- Promethean Life Wizard level 91