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Tardiness will not be tolerated

Mar 31, 2009
You know how sick I am of this?

Okay, I understand you won'd want people diddling around, but this is a joke. These dang Diviners drive me nuts! I can't even press space through all the dialogue before they are already 2 rounds ahead and that's when I'm not trying to read the dialogue. If I even remotely try to read, I get these Diviners or Pyromancers that are like "What took you so long?" Very frustrating.

I propose the following solution.

For those bosses that are more likely to have patience. ie,, and possibly ,, An alternative cheat exists.

If a Wizard Joins late, the people who where there before get the negative cheat applied and the saying of something like "Don't you read the story?" Or "Patience child" or "trying to be the hero, we'll see about that."

I'm not sure the exact implementation, but I think mixing that in there will let people actually read the story.

Please KI? (Or get rid of some of the dang tardy ones...)

Mar 31, 2009
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do to avoid this problem? I've even tried spamming through the chat and running full on at the bad guy and I still only end up in the third position. Does anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do?

Oct 22, 2011
Plain and simple, KI needs to get rid of the 'tardiness' penalty.

- Sometimes when you enter a dungeon, the first person gets pulled in and the others are trying to run to the circle, but unfortunately, they are late because they didn't get the opportunity to get pulled in, too.

- Sometimes another player has lag and can't make it to the circle fast enough, even though we all run in at the same time.

- Sometimes a new player wants to actually read the dialogue, but unfortunately, the other inconsiderate players rush in without checking first.

There are too many good reasons why someone didn't make to the battle circle fast enough. I do not think players should be penalized at all by having cheats thrown at them.

Dec 18, 2011
I know it can get annoying but just ask them to wait, the nice ones normally do, and then go in together.

May 07, 2015
I totally agree! a cheat like you described would be great! I also have this problem. I suggest asking your team to try and all go in at the same time. it works sometimes.

May 12, 2009
I've been lucky enough to work with rather respectful people when dealing with these types of bosses, those who actually care that everyone enters the battle simultaneously.

However, I would try to possibly communicate with your team beforehand, asking them if they could wait until everyone is prepared before diving into battle. Many wizards will be kind enough to consider your explanation, as long as it is respectful. If they have a problem, then maybe you should consider another team.

Best of luck!

Mar 31, 2009
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Hopefully Kings Isle will do something, but I will try some of your suggestions in the mean time.