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switching computers back and forth . . .

Aug 12, 2015
It would be really nice if the game would load all worlds a wizard has benn in instead of waiting until they try to get there. Stuck waiting for it to load headmaster dungeon while rest of team is already in there; why??? Because I'm back home and on the big computer instead of the laptop.

Aug 23, 2016
Been there. Done that. Three times now.

Yes it is frustrating when you open Wizards for the first time on a new machine.

That said, I would rather the worlds load as I need them as opposed to everything loading the first time I boot on a new system. With one wizard at max, it would take forever to load the game the first time I boot on a new system if everything downloaded on first boot.

Steven Ghoststalker

Jun 08, 2015
I just went through a unique problem like that . . . I was on HOLD because Krysalis wasn't ready for my near MAXed ICE. While it was taking forever to load, the power blipped, compoter went down and when it rebooted . . . I couldn't get back on wizard for two days; none of could on this pc. Faced with a restore system and possible installing my 2015 system image, I was very stressed.

I decided that was as bad as a complete reinstall of wizard. so I tried wizard one last time . . . it loaded and though my ice was still stuck waiting for Krysalis . . . I know the rest will be happy they can play again.

I would prefer the whole thing would load in the beginning and not get stuck waiting when I'm trying to get some play time in.