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Survival PVP

Dec 11, 2011
Not your typical Team based Player vs Player, While the battle circle, magic circle(What ever you call it) will be the same, you are alone, and you duel against 7 other(same to them), so anyone on your side of the battle board is your opponent, and wizards will duel until the last remaining player left, beguile will turn any opponent to allies! While AOE will hit ALL player except yourself of course! Though beware there may be alliance or focusing which may be unfair but all chat communication will not appear while the match is on, while to make it fair (in case friends come in and over whelm others) the opponents or competitor will be random like a quick join! Or will be assign based on level and maybe if it's not a tournament Skills!

Sep 19, 2013
Sep 19, 2013
One balance issue, however, is Death school and Scarecrow. Because they can drain from 7 targets, they will be very hard to kill. Also I'm going to assume that the effects of Beguile are not permanent, because that would be highly OP.