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Super awesome pets!

Mar 07, 2014
I am a super creative person and to show that, i am asking people to reply on this message to come up with an awesome pet! I have came up with one new pet, enchanted fist. It gives you every enchanting sun card that makes a card do more damage. Also it comes with ice giant, storm lord, a centaur that does 670-720 damage, fire dragon, scarecrow and a hydra that is only a treasure card. These spells are all seven pips besides the enchanting cards. Please give me your ideas!

Fred Dreamtheif level 28 life wizard

Sep 17, 2012
Way too many cards. You skipped Myth also. There's really no point having 5 different sun spells and 6-7 attack cards on a pet. You can't use them together, only 1-2 can possibly use power pips. It would just make you discard all those cards 90% of the time they come up. I like the idea of an Enchanted Gauntlet (fist) though. It should give 1 Colossal every 2 levels like Enchanted Armament gives Sharpen Blades for a max of 3 cards. May Cast Feint would be a cool talent too. Maybe give it a trigger from attack, shield and trap.