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Sun Enchants on Shields and Debuffs

Dec 18, 2011
So i think we should get two more sun spell enchants that fit in with the level 86 azteca ones (potent and sharpen).
These would be called Reinforce Shield and (havent decided on the weakness one yet if anyone could suggest names that would be cool).

The weakness one would be the same as potent and sharpen (10%) but for the shield one it would be 5% as 10% is a bit OP, obviously .

So say i used an enchanted -80%shield it would be -85% damage instead of -80%.

And if i used say plague it would be -30% instead of -20%. (this would also work with other spells like weakness, virulent plague, ect..)

Leave your oppinions below.

Ryan WindHunter lvl 92
Ryan IceBlade lvl 52