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#suggestions in Discord.

Feb 11, 2019
At the moment, I see a lot of community ideas that are very substantial but don't get much community and or moderator attention. To combat this, I suggest adding a #suggestions channel in the Wizard101 Discord. Make it a cooldown channel and have a Kingsisle employee surf through it occasionally to take into consideration some of the game-changing ideas the creative community has to offer.
Allow other players to upvote / downvote ideas so that moderators can have a better idea on what the community would like to see.
As far as it goes at the moment, the Wizard101 reddit is primarily used for discussions and memes rather than suggestions and the sad truth is that the Wizard101 forums are a dry place for both the community and moderators alike.

Jun 13, 2012
This should be in #feedback on that server for Amber Ravynsong to see and implement specifically. I'll post a screenshot of this post there for her.
- Peyton Lionheart (RA staff, music guides)