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Suggestions for Kings Isle

Aug 12, 2009
Enchanting - An addition to Crafting
For those items that don't come with "Bonus Cards", for a Nominal fee of Crowns, Wizards should be able to Enchant Treasure Cards (Either Crafted or bought, not created via Enhancement cards) onto Garments.

The more copies of the card they want on there increases the Requirement number of treasure cards and the amount of crowns required for the equipment's customization.

And then adds the "No Auction" function to the garment.

More Mundane Suggestions
Ways to EARN CROWNS in game. After all, you're increasing the way to spend crowns, you should increase the way to get them.

Gift Cards to have Option of Mount or Pet

Realms with increased difficult

With the addition of mounts, give a PVP Race Track where players must race their mounts around a track to earn Race Tickets or Arena Tickets

Allow Gifting Via Stitching (you lose both items, your friend gets the new item) for an additional cost.

Impliment a 1-Week Friends List minimum for Gifting.

New Schools for Grandmasters in upcomming worlds (instead of adding more spells to current Schools to raise the Level Cap).
These could be: Astral (Star, Sun, and Moon) which Merle Ambrose is currently "Studying" (Celestia?)
Temporal (Past, Present, Future) which could come from a "Clockwork" world where the three are combined (Father Time)
And an Existence school which combines both the "Astra" (Space) and "Temporal" (Time) Schools (Uber Balance, with mega spell: BIG BANG)
(See Indepth Explanation of Upgraded Schools)

A Midevil World including a King Arthur-like Character as the main quest-giver. After all, Merle (Merlin?) is already at Wizard City, why not help out Arthur in his quest for the grail?

A world with Elves, Dwarves, and Humans would be an interesting addition (so many little sidequests...) and have Zeke look for 3 different sets of items here?

In-Depth Explanation of Upgraded Schools
Considering Merle Ambrose has admitted to Studying the Astral Schools, I figured it would only be fair that they are introduced as Grandmaster Schools for the Advanced Worlds (Schools that can only be started at Level 50).

With the Release of new worlds, they could make Grandmaster Schools where you automatically get enrolled in a higher class school (Astral Triangle (Star, Sun Moon), Temporal Triangle (Past, Present, Future), and Existence (Balance)

Fire -> Sun
Ice -> Moon
Storm -> Star
Myth -> Past
Life -> Present
Death -> Future
Balance -> Existence

In-Depth In-Game Crown Getting
Create a "Crown Pawn Shop" where you can pawn your Crown Gear that you no longer want/need for a small amount of crowns:
Level 5+ Gear - 50 Crowns / Item
Level 15+ Gear - 100 Crowns / Item
Level 25+ Gear - 150 Crowns / Item
Level 35+ Gear - 200 Crowns / Item
Level 45+ Gear - 250 Crowns / Item
Level 55+ Gear - 300 Crown / Item (On release)

That store would only be for selling off your CROWN GEAR that is piling up in your bank and would allow you to have something else to do. You can also allow those "Pawned" items to be bought by other users, much like with Erik Silverfist, except instead of Gold, be Crowns Only.

Add an Instance Dungeon where the Boss drops "Crowns" instead of "Gold" randomly.

Allow Selling Arena Tickets for Crowns in game.