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Suggestions for Help Chat

Nov 17, 2010
Hi Everyone,

A while ago a person who was mute asked me to go to his house but his ports weren't on, I was only able to find one that said something like - that area isn't available right now. so I would like to see :-

* Turn your ports on
* Your ports are turned off, unable to port.

Be so much easier to communicate if they could see what we write. Maybe that could be an option for people who choose to be muted.

Thank you.
Jenna ox

Jun 20, 2013
i think lots of young people get frustrated with the training of pets what if you make it so you can use crowns to buy there full training of the pets

Sep 25, 2016
How do I get jewels?

How do I use the jewel socketing system?
How do I use the group system?
How do I use the text chat system?
How do I use the friend chat system?
How do I use the Scroll of Fortune?
How do I use the Spiral Showcase?
How do I use the Deckathalon?
How do I use the Beastmoon Hunt?
How do I use minions?
How do I use henchmen?
How do I use seeds?
How do I use mounts?
How do I use fishing spells?
How do I use monstrology spells?
How do I use the monstrodome?
How do I use photomancy?

How do I learn new spells?
How do I learn new gardening spells?
How do I learn new fishing spells?
How do I learn new monstrology spells?

How do I go to new worlds?

How do I change my hair and face style?

Jul 10, 2013
Hi I'm an wizard. I'm close to the level that i can get wooly mammoth from. How hard is the quest?

Wizard-Jason FireHeart

Aug 06, 2015
Please also include the regular orders for inside the Beastmoon Hunt! Whenever I've had a no-chat person we're limited to the "We need help at..." or "Everyone come to..." options and can't tell them which opponent to target or what might be most helpful in terms of spells.

Similarly, please reconsider the way normal chat works with open chat. While obviously some words or phrases are inappropriate not allowing things like numbers to be said makes communicating a pain. I don't like having to use 'tree' instead of 'three'.

Finally, will there be other language options? I've met players whose second language is English.

Nov 25, 2012
you should add-
1. "Ill join first"
2. "ill join second"
3. "ill join 3rd"
4. "ill join 4th"

5. "pls dont join this battle"
6. "Sorry I lost connection"
7. "what are the cheats"
8. "what is the strategy"
9. "dont join this round"

May 07, 2020
I feel you should less sanction on chat cause I cant type the word or number 2 for saying im level 2 because many people in game want to look to find people a certain level to help them on a dungeon or so they can work on a certain quest together

Nov 25, 2012
Oct 18, 2011
Hello, I recently randomly thought of this pretty simple solution to menu chat.

I think we can all agree that menu chat doesn't provide any useful phrases which are helpful. As someone who's been muted for 7 years now, I think the only phrases I've used for the past 7 years have been "Hi" "Bye" "Yes" "No" "Thanks" and "You're welcome". Everything else is extremely situational to the point where it's used only once or twice ever.

***Sort of off-topic***
I understand that you could theoretically bypass text chat filters to, for example, extract sensitive information from someone <13y, so to some extend I understand having a menu chat for those young players. But at the same time, as a muted player, it is almost unplayable if you can't chat. And I'm someone who CAN at least see others type and can answer yes/no questions. 100% muted players are basically completely alone in this game and cannot make any sort of friends. I used to have 5 pages full of friends online, always chatting and playing with everyone while now I'm completely alone, 2-3 friends online, soloing the whole game by myself, joining random players uninvited if I need help. The punishments are pretty cruicial as well. I think we can all agree that if you're behaving inappropriately all the time and have passed a 24hr mute, 1 week mute, and 1 month mute, the biggest punishment should be a 1 year mute, imho. I think 365 days is more than enough reflection time on your actions to know better for the future. 10 years is just depressing... Anyways though, that's a wholenother topic by itself. Back to the menu chat solution I have,

***Solution proposal***
Basically, my suggestion is a menu chat search bar. There are thousands if not millions of useful phrases which can be KI approved which could be put in the game for any kind of situation. And putting them into the game should take minutes as it's just text. However, manouvering through millions of phrases is impossible, hence why we have so few. However, even thou we have only a couple of phrases, it's still a hastle to get to them. Usually, if a player is casting a bad spell, by the time I say "no" and then they answer back with "why" (which btw, if you're muted, is the most frustrating question ever) and then by the time I navigate to "it will trigger a boss cheat" or something of that nature and then the player reacting and changing the spell, the round has already started. So by being able to quickly type out key words about the phrase you want to say (or just type the whole phrase if you know it) and the different options popping up for you to choose from, it would not only be easier to navigate and say what you want to say more efficiently, but also provide a limitless phrase library which could be constantly and rapidly expanding.

The original menu chat bubble could stay for interractions, for example. For dancing, emoting, etc.

That's my 2 cents. If you've read the whole thing, thank you for your time!

P.S. I was not muted for cursing and swearing, if anyone gets the idea that I'm a toxic pvp player or someone of that nature.

Mar 04, 2018
Maybe a question like

1. How do you friend someone?

Aug 23, 2011
Sep 13, 2016
Oct 19, 2013
Hi I’m new to the forums but I’ve been playing for a few years and I have a suggestion. What about a player rating system where you can rate the friendliest, most helpful wizards and those with the highest score could maybe receive a small gift. This would help all the new players and give old players incentive as well as promoting good behavior in game.