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Suggestions for developers

Apr 27, 2012
Here are some things that I would LOVE to see changed:

1. Many quests involved killing x number of mobs or get x number of items such as feathers. Especially at upper levels, having to kill three mobs might result in having to kill 12. I had 4 qualifying mobs in a group that only counted as one kill! PLEASE, if the quest says kill three mobs or get three items from mobs, please allow this quest to be finished by killing the requisite number of mobs. Having to kill the same mob over and over to meet the quest is very TEDIOUS. Frankly, I am losing interest in the game primarily because of this.
Interesting, this isn't so much a problem at the lower levels,but at higher levels, it is really a problem

2.PLEASE have more energy recharge sprites in areas or allow for energy to recharge over time. I have been in areas such as Ravenscar ice area or caverns with no energy sprites.

3.PLEASE, PLEASE allow for more soloing. In a number of dungeons there are not only the boss mobs but somethings two or even three additional mobs. There is no way this can be soloed. I wouldn't mind so much if this were solely optional quests,but many are for needed quests to advance to the next area. If you are going to allow something like this at least label the quest and dungeon a "group" quest or group dungeon and don't have this for any required quest needed to complete the story line.

4. When mobs buff themselves, I can't always tell what the buff is. Sometimes, I can't even see what they buff due to bad programming. I have a high end monitor and high end Alienware machine. This shouldn't happen. It would be great if there were message given showing what the mob cast and.or what buff they currently are using or what buff is on us! Please look at this.