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Suggestions by a freak of details

Feb 20, 2013
As noted in the title of this topic, I'm a detail freak! I have notebooks filled with handwritten notes (in English even though I normaly speak french) for each game I play, Wizard and Pirate 101 included.

Do not take offense for my suggestions please, I really love the 101 games otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to analyse them so much. Also, I do not pretend my ideas are original, so no need to be mean, if you don't like them, don't read them and please wait till I'm done to post comments.

Basic suggestions (both 101 games):

1) Shared banks could be expended to twice their size, I have trouble passing items from one caracter to the other.

2) It should be possible to make/have a caracter for each school of magic as it is already the case in Pirate 101. That makes 7 in wiz.

3) Put a stylist shop (in both games) in the shopping district that allows the players to change the name, hair and eyes style/color of their caracters. I keep restarting them until I get it right...and then St-Patrick comes along and I want my life mage to have red hair and green eyes!

4)The seamstress or clothing shop could sell the different school/class designed oufits. I'm going crazy/broke trying to collect them and they're not even tradable.

5) The selling price at the bazaar is ridiculously low, 10 times less then it should be. That really needs to be made more fair.

6) Considering how much everything in the game cost compared to other online games, I suggest this (for members at the very least):
- Everything should be tradable, from pets and houses to Equipment, between players (parental discretion) and within shared bank.
- It should be possible to purchase anything/everyting with gold (crown shop, stitching, skill points redo, etc...) at a reasonable price instead of ten times the crown price.

That is it for basic suggestions. Wait...more Advanced ones are coming!

Jul 30, 2012
Nice list, most items have been requested a billion times.

1) Shared Bank - Never had a big issue with it. I'm pretty organized. Wizard bank however could be twice the size.

2) 7 Wizards per account - perhaps over 50 million requests for this.

3) Styles Shop - see point 2. Maybe more than 50 million. Disagree with ability to change name change though.

4) I gave up trying to collect stuff. See point 1.

5) Once you get rich the buying/selling price at the bazaar means nothing. Across multiple wizards, I just don't know what to do with my gold. Very low gold cap too.

6) See point 2.. 50 million times. But no, I disagree... Everything tradable between players... No. creates more begging. Kids begging for stuff that costs crowns or requires hours of farming.. No way.

And they aren't going to make everything purchasable through gold, not going to happen. For starters crown shop is a revenue generator. Secondly most established players have more gold than they know what to do with. So making everything purchasable through gold means everything is instantly available. Might as well just give everything away for free to anybody with a wizard over level 80.

Aug 09, 2013

- Jacob BlueSword
Destined to be a Master Of Fire

Feb 20, 2013
Advanced Suggestions (more detailed or complicated "upgrades" to the game):

As said before, I do not pretend these are original suggestions, they are just ideas I came up with (often after some sort of frustration) while I played the 101 games, wich I realy enjoy or I wouldn't be writing all of this. It would be interesting to note however, that if some of these suggestions have been often requested by other players, then there might be something there to seriously consider.

A)Lower membership cost. Yes I know, this cannot be the first time its been requested considering there are many free online games out there. Sue me, I'm an idealist!

B)Upgrade graphics and combine both wizard 101 and pirate 101 into The Spiral 101(or another name). Possibly adding a third startup world with unique classes. Exemple: you can start off as a wizard or a pirate or...a knight from avalon or a steampunk tinkerer from Marleybone.

B.1)Wizard would get free access to portgates and upgradable school minion like shipmates in pirate 101.
Pirates would get free ships via quests like in the game but also free ship customization.
Others could get free mounts via quests or crafting.

B.2)Level 1-10 quests would take place in the starting world for free play. Level 10-15/20 quests would take the caracters to the other two worlds startup worlds.

B.3)Use Pirate 101 open battle style (I prefer it to the static wiz battles) and ship travel/battles.

B.4)Keep the houses, the gardening, fishing and crafting but add more energy to allow all these comfortably at lower levels. (If people get frustrated at lower levels, they'll stop playing more quickly)

B.5)At level 5, as said in tutorial, and not level 7, get a SCHOOL or class related pet that is Worth raising.


Feb 20, 2013
B.6)Since ice and storm school are pretty much two school of water elements I suggest changing the schools either to water/fire/air/earth or water/fire/wood/metal and life/death/balance. Also change some spells like fire crow to dark crow (death school) instead of dark fairy, you know, to make them more relevent. There are more like this (take leprechaun out and make it available in a st-Patrick event) but there's too much to write down.

B.7)Replace Hoodoo pirates by a thief pirate because the death wizard school is basicaly the same thing.

B.8)Though I'm quite satisfied with being human, perhaps some players would like to play a Marleybone dog, a Mooshu goat or a Krokotopian gator...?

C) PLEASE, please make the male wizard color scheme available to the female. The bright colors are making me...more crazy and no browns??? Who says girls don't like dark colors or browns?

Ok, thats it. I won't ever complain about price if Kingisle works hard on making some of these changes. Not that me complaining is of any importance... :P

Jan 25, 2015
this is great. i was thinking more of a closet that could hold up to15 or 20 sets of gear