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Subclasses / Class branching

Apr 30, 2010
Hello everyone! I had a very brief but hopefully unique suggestion for the game.

One thing that'd be really cool is a mechanic which is in a lot of games, which is Class branches/Subclases

So what is class branching?

Well lets give an example in text format. (Hopefully it works.)

[Druid] (Healing and Utilities)
[Terramancer] (Damage and crowd control)

[Cryomancer] (Powerful status effects like Stuns and DoTs, More aggresive and complex)
[Frostmage] (Primarily defensive character, more a standard tank, but far fewer attacks)

Etc, Etc, You catch the drift.

I could see KI really making this work if they put a lot of time and effort into it, and it could provide FAR more replay value. One of the ways they could make this work when put in-game is have an NPC do the upgrading, perhaps libraries? They've mostly fallen out of use, so this would give much more incentive to go to them.

As for the other classes, i cannot think of much diversity, but i know KingsIsle is kinda good at game design i GUESS (Jk love you guys) considering they've made a game that lasted this long

This would make each playthough a little more different, and essentially upgrade the class amount by however many KI sees fit. Some classes could have more branching subclasses than others, like life or ESPECIALLY balance, while others could have simply 1, and its either the subclass or the raw class you started with.

Geez i'm rambling. Hopefully someone on the crew sees this, and if so, Keep up the great work!