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Strangest Things in this Game?

Jun 30, 2009
So, going over the plot of the story, i love it. Every time i replay the game, i am intrigued by the story. I realized that, looking over the game, there are some things that just don't make sense, some things i find very peculiar.

Two things i find strange are 1, Marla Stinger. She's in nightside, standing right in front of the death school. Is it just me, or does this seem strange? If ambrose was trying to find the death school in the first place, you would expect her to know. Many people can contradict what i think, however, there are reasons why this doesn't make sense: Marla Stinger can't be evil and hide the school, he was nice in the sunken city quest. Also, she went to ravenwood because it clearly stated that she was doing a project for cyrus drake. Also, she couldn't have went inside nightside, we needed that key, correct? She couldnt have had another key, and if she fell into nightside she would have most likely told someone. And she seemed pretty calm and happy standing in nightside. lol. please, post your ideas and what you think seems strange. and if you can, correct me if i am wrong. :D

Dec 15, 2008
Haha, i totally agree with you. Though i haven't noticed that b4, after reading your post i completely agree.

Aug 04, 2009
ya that is weird my wonder about marla is if she is death why is she doing a report for cyrus i mean couldn't be secondary school cause reportes is only for like spells for that school only stuff

Feb 14, 2009
the strangest things are people walking into your battle and yellinh "GO AWAY! GET OUT OF MY BATTLE" and people randomly calling you noob. Ever notice if you ask them if they know what iet means, they say "Yeah, it's you."

Mar 11, 2010
In Crimson Fields, Bricktop has his allies protecting the entrances to the battlefield. " None shall pass."
The next step in the quest is to clear the battlefield. The place is full of them.

Penny Dreadful asks you to see about her lost paperwork, as she has no idea who to go to.
She then tells you to talk to Mr. Lincoln.